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Bought Scorpion Forge Hard Natural Whetstones

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Dec 10, 2020
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East Coast, USA
(Hopefully this is in the right format)

Looking to buy any and all of Cris’s stones that are floating around on peoples stone racks. I know he had a few drops of them many years ago on his own site and the other forum, so I figure there’s one or two out there unused and taking up space.

This rock is my soul mate, so I’m looking to pick up some more to guard against running out of rock in my old age. 🤣

Any size, used is fine. So long as this post is up, I’ll be looking so feel free to message me no matter how long has passed. Happy to do US or international.

Thanks for reading!
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I have one that is mostly collecting dust. I lapped one side slightly coarse for quicker cutting, and could smooth it back out or leave it depending on your wishes. Send me a message if curious, but no pressure if you don't want one that's been tinkered with.

Overall it's seen little use, just didn't gel with my sharpening style. Should go to a loving home!
Its your money, and you want it now! Call 1-877-rocknow

(I realize that may not land with an international audience. It was a tv advertisement for a short term loan company in the states that was EVERYWHERE in the day. I do not endorse calling the above number. Instead try contacting me with unloved rocks.)