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WTS [Selling] [Australia] Gesshin Ginga 210mm White #2 Wa-Gyuto

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Dec 3, 2020
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Hi all,

Purchased from another aussie bnib for 350 AUD/240 USD. Asking for $300 AUD shipped within Australia

Sharpened a couple of times - found it was missing a bit of length and a bit too short for my liking. Has a lovely grind and performs amazingly, think I'd want a 240mm version sometime in the future. Most likely a better purchase for those already in Australia - better off to purchase a new one from JKI but the cost of shipping it over was already quite hefty so it's hard to take more off the price and be reasonable to myself. Not heavily used/sharpened at all - the blade height is only 0.3mm shorter than factory 42mm. Has a light patina that can easily be taken off with any metal polish.


Weight: 115g
Heel to Tip Length: 200mm
Blade Height at Heel: 41.7mm
Handle: Octagonal Ho Wood

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