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SOLD Semi custom asp-2053 gyuto

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Oct 23, 2020
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So this one is a bit of an unusual post for me. I have an asp-2053 gyuto i started working on. Its profiled and heat treated at this point. I started it before I got the deposit from the person. And they never paid it so i haven't started grinding it or anything.

I wanted to see if anyone would be interested. Its still unground, so i can do any modifications someone would want to it. They get their choice of handle, type of grind, length (obviously if its 240 or shorter) etc. I would need the deposit for it which generally is about half of what the final price will end up being. It will go into covering the handle materials, belts to grind it etc.

If its kept as a 220-240 the final price will be around $850, the deposit will be $400.

If someone wants to turn it into something much shorter i can work out another price. I figured I will try posting here, since at least right now money is pretty tight doing this knifemaking thing, and when I don't end up getting the money I was expecting it puts me in a tough situation. Especially since also, a knife i sent to finland disappeared after it got through customs so I'm having to redo another knife for them out of my own pocket.
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Knife in its current state without being ground.