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SOLD Shibata Kotetsu / Koutetsu 180mm R2 Bunka

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Apr 23, 2020
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Selling a Shibata Kotetsu 180mm R2 Bunka purchased from Carbon Knife Co, comes with a rosewood handle (this one was before Shibata switched to jarrah wood). Deserves the laser reputation as its thin at the edge and throughout the blade. But I'm moving away from mid-length knives in general, so letting this one go.

Knife is still in great condition, touched up once on a Chosera 3000, but otherwise the edge hasn't needed any maintenance. Comes in original box.

Dimensions: 184mm cutting edge. 51mm height over heel. Weights 141g.

Selling for $210 USD including shipping within CONUS.

PXL_20220313_001053509.jpg PXL_20220313_001102898.jpg PXL_20220313_001126314.jpg PXL_20220313_001230568.jpg
PXL_20220313_001241862.jpg PXL_20220313_001158807.jpg PXL_20220313_001021629.jpg PXL_20220313_001026373.jpg
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