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WTS Shinden Shiro Suita

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Apr 28, 2020
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Hi everyone,

bought this one from Ikkuy Japanavenue in 2021.

  • Symbol 正本山合砥 = Kyoto Natural Hone Sales Association
  • 新田 = Shinden
  • 白巣板 = Shiro Suita

Medium hardness, fast, fine but not too fine for kitchen. No toxic inclusions, lines, etc. It has a very pleasant chalky/creamy feeling.

Dimensions (longest and widest): 211x75x35 mm
Weight: 1280 g

All sides are sealed. I leveled the back with Epoxy.

Located in Germany. Asking what I paid for: 480 460 440 USD incl. shipping in EU. For worldwide shipping I will cover the first 20 USD.

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Could you post some polish examples if it’s not too much bother please? 🙂
There we go 😉

Maybe you missed it. In the link above is also a short video of my Kiridashi. I don't have the time for a new polishing job, so here is some older stuff.

A quick polish on my Merion.

And my Yamada. Progression with Shinden Suita+Maruoyama Ao Suita+Nakayama Awasedo.

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