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My first custom coming to me soon and my first time posting in "show your newest knife buy". Apex ultra, forged S grind, 226x56, 201g, western ironwood with naguri texture handle (first time he's done this handle combo). I am beyond excited


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Had a custom knife on order that didn't work out. Didn't want to wait for a custom again so picked up this to complement my CCK 1101. Very nice knife and the best grind/geometry I've experience.

Used it at home once before taking it into work. It doesn't handle large items as well being 165mm but for smaller (non cabbage) veg prep its great, even sliced some fresh ham with it earlier.


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I was in Taiwan a while ago and bought my first 4 cleavers. Since I am a newbie to cleavers, I decided to go with the smaller ones, so I bought one 21cm one and three 18cm ones.


choil shot(21cm)

I bought this one elsewhere. Compared to the other three, the shape and grind is unstable, but I liked the way it felt in my hand, so I bought it.
Jealous yours arrived! Mine is still in the mail and I can’t wait to get my hands on it
It took a while to get on its way, but once it was it took only two days from Sweden to Germany.

You can definitely look forward to it. I was not able to use it a whole lot yet but I’m impressed with it. The Fit & Finish is excellent and I really dig the handle specifically. Cutting performance also seems good.