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SOLD Small fine aoto and small soft thai binsui

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Aug 29, 2018
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$110 for both stones, plus wood base for aoto

Aoto is hard and like 5k, and self slurries a small amount on kitchen knife iron, but is fast on wrought iron and makes mud. The aoto base is flat but a bit undercut, so gluing to the wood base is what I advise. This is the nicest aoto for polishing I've used so far, which is to say, most even and shallow scratches, and fewest stray acratches, and nice matte feel while sharpening. It also shows the iron banding more than any other aoto I've used.

This binsui eats soft iron, and among the fastest stones for that I've had, but is a bit slower on hard steel. A softer stone that needs water but soaks up enough after a little bit. Like 1-2k.

1796 g
190mm x 55 to 45 to 25mm x 65mm

Thai white binsui
1096 g
175mm x 56 x 41mm

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