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SOLD Snake Sells some more naturals and a kangaroo strop

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May 17, 2014
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Hey All!

Just another snake sale here, prices include shipping within the ConUS, no international. I bought way too many naturals at once to play around with them and as such am now selling some of them. I just have too many stones and the space for stones in my small place is running out quickly. The strop is one of those awesome kangaroo tail strops sold on the forums here. Outstanding build quality on the strop and leaves wicked bitey edges, really really good strop. I just want someone else to get a chance to try it, I have too many strops anyhow :)

For the aoto naturals see the links for better description but the original sells describe it better than me. Overall they are all amazing naturals and fit their specific roles quite well.

Kangaroo Strop 16in x 3.5in = $60.00 SOLD

Aoto Muddy McMud Master (the one with the dried mud on it) = $85.00 SOLD

https://www.kitchenknifeforums.com/threads/2082g-aoto.60493/218mm long x 68mm wide

#11 Aoto Soft and Sealed with tomo nagura = $90.00
223mm long x 68mm wide

Ohira Tomae Asagi = $100.00 SOLD
148mm long x 90mm wide
Really nice stone, on the harder side so use a little nagura or diamond plate but easily could be a finisher/final stone. Edge is very refined yet still bitey, would be an excellent stopping point for any nicer carbon steels and could jump from a medium grit to this as long as you work up a slurry first.
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Mud master Aoto sold!

Price drop on other aoto since I only want to make one post office trip ;)