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SOLD Snake Sells some Vitrified Stuff (JKI and TripleB)

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May 17, 2014
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Hey All!

So want to sell a couple vitrified stones here. Typical snake sale rules like price includes shipping and no international shipping. Also, like all snake sales, these are an excellent deal! Stones are below, selling each for different reasons. Enjoy!

JKI Vitrified 800 - $350.00
Remember me asking for one of these for a friend? Yeah sometimes friends are idiots and are garbage with money so.....selling this one to help the guy recoup cost. Got it for a great deal and want to pass that on. I would keep it but already have one myself. Has some discoloration on surface but that is normal, doesn't impact cutting or speed in any way. I haven't worn my in any detectable way so really no need to keep two. Best vitrified stone I've used simply because it feels really nice (even more so than the TripleB stuff) and like your typical synthetic waterstone stone in use. Really great tactile feedback on this. Will last for a lifetime most likely.

Triple B 3000 Grit Super Vitrified Stone - $300.00
These sell out in seconds whenever they come in stock for a reason, they are outstanding. Little less feeling than Jon's but higher grit and my go to finisher for a long time. Why am I selling it? So someone else can try it and see how outstanding these things are. Comes with cleaner stone and really nice wooden box. No detectable wear either just a slight bit of discoloration on the stone and cleaner but again that's normal and nothing weird, has no impact on cutting or anything.

The JKI is sold pending funds and the Triple B may be too :)
I agree that Jon's diamond feels slightly better, a bit less hard feeling in the matrix.
Yup the matrix feels a bit less hard yet at the same time doesn’t seem to be wearing at all in my normal kitchen/home use. Really excellent stuff!
Picked up a 1k from BBB on the last drop, and kicking myself for not getting a 3k as well.

I still think your JKI 3k resin is the better stone than the BBB 3k in speed and feedback. . . Unless the BBB is conditioned exactly right. Vitrified diamond needs more attention to surface conditioning. But when conditioned to have all diamonds very fresh, they cut more aggressive than resin. For me at least so far
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