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WTB Takamura Uchigumo

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Apr 18, 2024
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Georgia, United States
Hey everyone,

First post here, so sorry if any of this is formatted incorrectly or if these knives are asked about frequently.

Looking to buy R2/SG2 Takamura Uchigumo with brown hana handle (open to other handles though). I am looking for a 240/210mm gyuto, 165mm santoku, and 130/150mm petty.

Please let me know if you have any of the above knives and are willing to sell.

Thank you so much!
This place is strewn with the dessicated corpses of takamura uchigumo WTB posts. God speed.
Uchigumo aren’t too rare, but the Hana seem hard to come by… puzzling, even in Japan I couldn’t track one down…you’d think knife makers would want to sell knives
I genuinely don’t understand the scarcity
I have a 130mm petty. Are you in the US?