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SOLD Takeda Gyuto 240mm - NAS

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May 8, 2016
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Catch and release — received brand new a week ago. I’ve been wanting one of these forever but I’ve found I’m in the heavy/stiff side of kitchen knives at this point in my journey.

I’ve got the original box/papers, etc.

Length: 245mm in a straight line from tip to heel.
Height: 66mm at the heel

Asking what I put in altogether — $425 —— now $400. SOLD, thanks KKF!

4C70C0EE-F7F7-4B8A-A3BC-BFD598150CCD.jpeg C0DE85AE-C0E8-4D93-8BC6-8EDB0A375540.jpeg CAD27DCC-CCF7-4DD3-97FF-6F7FF7C72514.jpeg ACCC38D4-612F-42F7-ADDC-96992E5D3EA7.jpeg 9B19D3F5-B348-4779-9394-805A3D742380.jpeg
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