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Bought Thai binsui or khao men

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Try email.

[email protected]

Miles was super quick to respond and help out. He sent over a bunch of pictures of various stones with slurry and knives from each stone.
I purchased a Binsui and a Khao Men, both giant and very well priced for the sizes.
I just sent him an email earlier today and he responded within a few hours, email is definitely the way to contact.
If you don't mange to get him, let me know. I have both just holding papers down at the moment. Miles thought the binsui was medium hardness on his scale, I find it pretty hard, FWIW. The Khao men is definitely soft and easy to use.
[email protected]
Copy the text and use that as the recipient address for an email.
My apologies for the link. I had copied the address directly from their website, without realizing it was going to link anywhere. I don't know how to unlink the text.
Fwiw, the link opens up a blank email message with the address bar filled in with [email protected] as the recipient.