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Oct 29, 2021
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San Francisco/Pittsburgh
Well, it's been a few months since MagnaCut has been widely available, and as this served as an introduction to steel with any significant volume of the hardest carbides (MC) to many people I am very curious to hear what people thought about sharpening this stuff. So if you have a moment I'd be interested to hear some details of your experience like what knife you have in this steel, some rough idea of the blade geometry and what has worked for sharpening it and what hasn't.

My experience has mostly been with putting secondary bevels on zero ground edges using my 3k diamond vit but frankly, this isn't really representative of most sharpening as I only remove the tiniest bit of material. That being said I can't really detect much of a difference between sharpening MagnaCut and something like 26c3 in the work I do.

How has it been for you all?
I've only sharpened the very edge and no thinning yet. Knife was a tester petty a friend passed along asking for feedback - the edge didn't feel sufficiently different from anything else I've sharpened before to remark on any property in particular. It isn't the most abrasion resistant or forgiving in forming an apex, but IIRC that's the hallmark of tradeoffs the design aimed for.

I'm hoping to get permission to thin behind the edge, which should tell a lot more of a story in terms of abrasion resistance.
Deburring really cleanly is a labor of love, let's put it that way. Making the apex isn't too bad, but doing it cleanly with good teeth is pretty time consuming. Similar to my experience with R2, but a bit more so. Using a couple diamond stones. For me this was on the workhorse B-grind, so fairly stout geometry for a kitchen knife.
Bump, also would love to see what people are thinking about it.

I don't have any myself, but I'm sure some may know I tend to have an affinity towards the more carbide rich steels, and particularly those that use particle metallurgy in production.