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Withdrawn Tsubaya Blue 220mm Cleaver, Nobuyah 240mm Blue 2 Gyuto

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Dec 27, 2021
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Catch and release on these too, only tested couple times. Both good knives for their respective price, but just bit redundant for me.

1. Tsubaya Cleaver, 220mm x 105mm, 460g

Bought directly from Tsubaya, only says blue steel on the page, but feels quite hard, board feel is crisp. Could use thinning at the edge, other than that very good over all. Cleaver appropriate handle, short and stubby. sell for $250

2. Nobuyah Blue 2 Gyuto, 242mm x 51mm, 194g

Bought directly from Nobuyah with his custom made copper ringed handle, it is a nice medium workhorsy knife, the bevel can be eased to make it cuts better. Bought for JPY 32,450, sell for $200

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