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WTS Two Sticks, Markin, Hyde, Simon Maillet

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Jun 8, 2021
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Shreveport LA
Going to post all in this one thread so any necessary bumps are easier haha. All asking prices including shipping in the US. International we can talk in the DMs. All knives have been used 2-5 times, none have been sharpened. All in fantastic condition with light patina. Someone please let me know if the links don't work or something. Shoot me a message for any questions or additional pics. Thanks for looking!

Two Sticks: 240 x 55, 247g. Asking $475

Blue #2 with soft iron cladding. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that this size and iron cladding is somewhat rare from this smith. Truly sad to see this one go but I find myself neglecting 240's recently and it's too nice of a knife to be sitting in my drawer. Used 2 times, has some really cool electric blue patina.

Markin: 225 x 59, 217g. Asking $275

Monosteel WX15 (Russian equivalent to 52100) has some insane banding and patina is wild. This is one of my favorite 225's and such an incredible pure cutter. Unfortunately its been largely replaced by a new buy and I'm trying to be less of a knife hording goblin. Used 3 times I believe.

Hyde: 210 x 53, 223g. Asking $450

Monosteel 26c3, handle is Maryland maple and snakewood. Hyde is one of my favorite new makers, super tight grinds and incredibly comfortable handles. This one is a "workhorse-lite" grind and it's a great cutter. I would never be selling except I just got a new knife from Hyde and they're too similar for me to justify keeping both. Used a few times, never sharpened.

Simon Maillet: 210 x 50, 184g Asking $440

26c3 with pure iron cladding, handle is ebonized English oak. I'd been admiring Simon's work from a distance for a while, I snagged a custom spot and asked him to make me a small all-arounder. It's a beautiful knife, very sturdy and feels great in hand, but I just didn't really bond with it. Still on the hunt for my perfect small knife. Used once.

Again, someone let me know if they can't see the pictures or if my links crap out. Hit me up with any questions! Thank you!
Great knives from a great seller!
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Anyone looking to get into Western makers could do much worse than any of these. If that Two Sticks we're shorter I'd be all over it
I can’t believe the two sticks is still here 😅 any longer and I’m gonna have to keep it lol. The Hyde and Simon are also great knives, the two sticks is a little more of a rarity though in my opinion.