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SOLD Unknown Knives

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May 20, 2019
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Victoria BC Canada

Up for sale are two knives. I’ve had them for quite a while (especially the Suji) and they have resided in my small travelling roll. When I’m invited out for dinner by friends or family I invariably end up participating in the prep and doing the carving of any large chunks of protein. Rather than fume over the dull knives I was expected to use, I started carrying a few decent knives in a small roll that I was happy to use. I have forgotten who made these knives and any of the details except to say they are excellent daily users and have tons of life left in them. They both are easy to sharpen and take a great edge. The suji especially a great carving blade … not too flexible and very tolerant of sitting uncleaned on a counter until dinner is over.

My thought is that I’ll sell the pair for $180 shipped and insured. Individually I’m looking for $120 for the suji and $100 for the Gyuto shipped and insured. Canadian buyers can have them for a little bit less as I save a bit on shipping.

First the suji …

Blade length … 272mm
Edge length … 260mm
Depth at heel … 35mm
Thickness measured at spine … 3.21mm at heel, 2.2mm mid blade, 1.53mm 1” from tip
Weight … 188gms
Steel … unknown but mildly reactive carbon
Handle … custom by Isaiah Schroeder

This is a nice knife and perfectly acceptable as a carving knife. I love the way it takes and holds an edge.

Some pics …


Next up is my “unknown” Gyuto. I forget where I got this knife but it’s seen quite a bit of use and is really a delight to use. I’m sure it’s seem time in a commercial kitchen and shows a wonderful patina from use. It’s definitely more workhorse than pony despite its relatively light weight. I love its slightly blade heavy balance. As with the suji, it takes and holds a great edge.

Here are the specs …

Blade length … 242mm
Edge length … 226mm
Depth at heel … 43mm
Thickness measured at spine … 3.58mm at heel, 2.75mm mid blade, 1.99mm 1” from tip
Weight … 208gms
Steel … unknown stainless
Handle … unknown but comfortable in a medium to large hand

and some pics …


So …. Here’s the deal on these knives. They are being sold “as is”! My only assurance is that they performed very adequately for me. I have a lot of knives and I’m very fussy about what I use. These knives met the bill for me and have lots of life left in them. I hope they both go to someone who will use the heck out of them and not be bothered about the cosmetics.
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May 20, 2019
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Victoria BC Canada
That looks like a Heiji gyuto. Interesting specs, possibly a custom order? Semi-stainless clad in SS probably.

That’s quite a steal!

The suji is a mizuno aogami and gyuto is a heiji.

Thats very nice to know … thanks to you both. I knew they were reasonable quality knives but just didn’t know the makers. Now hopefully they will go to someone who can appreciate them like I did.