Who does the best Kurouchi?

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Cause of the cladding.

Go western makers and they adopt basic carbon steels to an iron cladding, or sometimes even often use regular "mono" carbon steels. But an iron clad can go as low as recycled steel or some cheap in house substitute for good wrought iron since that has become quite harder to sample in a quality batch.
I have nine KU knives. I like KU in that they all have a different look.


Left to right:

Moritaka Honesuki
KU has been very stable on this one. Maybe because it only ever sees raw chicken?

Takeda NAS
After taking off the lacquer I found it a bit mottled, interesting, but not my fav

Smooth, rock solid (except where I slipped when thinning it)

Mazaki Suji
Craggy Nashiji KU. Very stable in my experience

Wakui Stainless clad
This is an interesting one. It is very shiny. In some light it doesn’t look KU at all. My oldest knife and it hasn’t faded much


Yes, the KU fades. I’ve noticed especially under my pinch grip. But I appreciate how it evolves and changes with use


Wat Pro

I really like the look of this one. Super smooth, like an oil slick. Overall pretty stable, though there has been a little wear under my pinch



Another craggy one. Not super even, but what’s there has been stable

Kamon Denty

Another cool one that changes depending on the light. By far my priciest knife, so I don’t think I’ve used it enough to weigh in on durability

Some intersting discussion here:

Ishikawa has an almost glass-smooth consistent black KU