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SOLD /WTT KEF LS50 Meta, KC62 Subwoofer, Peachtree Nova 300 Integrated AMP

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Jul 3, 2021
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These were bought back in late February for personal use but low and behold, I realized that I prefer headphones for my current situation.

Nothing much to say otherwise, this was great for me and I personally loved the sound for a relatively entry level (in the world of speakers that is) setup.

I am local to the San Francisco Bay Area, 94709.

I will entertain knife trades as well, mainly looking for a Kato WH or a Shigefusa Kitaeji 240 Gyuto at the moment. Cash will be added if need be and a premium will be put for the Kitaeji in particular.

KEF LS50 Meta & KEF KC62 Subwoofer:

Purchased in late February (2/22/22) and used in total for about two weeks.
The speakers and subwoofer function well with no issues.
No physical flaws or scratches on either.
The original accessories, in addition to Mediabridge cables, will be included with both (plug and play into an integrated AMP).

Peachtree Nova 300:

Purchased in late February (2/27/22) and used in total for about two weeks with the above.
This functions well with no issues.
The original accessories will be included.
There are two surface level scratches that require a certain angle and level of light to see. I photographed the largest one as best as I could but threw in the bag after nearly thirty minutes. This was effectively trying to photograph a minor flaw in a black mirror.

Asking: $1250 shipped CONUS or $1200 local each.

I will throw a local discount of -$20 for each additional item purchased if local. However, this doesn't apply if shipped due to shipping costs. Any inquiries to negotiate will be politely ignored as this is my bare bottom.


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