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WTS WTT/Metal Monkey compact/TX Blue 2 Honyaki/Pair of Kemadis (GYUTOS)

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Oct 16, 2019
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Good morning KKF, and happy thanksgiving ! Time to get back in the action. I am mainly
Looking to sell, however I am open to trades. All shipped CONUS.

First up Metal Monkey compact gyuto w/ saya. I got this in a trade a while back and both me and the original owner only did a few test cuts. Very much LNIB. Comes with original box and saya. Valued over $1,000 new, but let’s put it at $900 trade/sale

210mm blade length
335mm overall length
154 grams

Next up TX Blue 2 honyaki w/ saya The hamon is way up there. One of the comfiest handles I’ve ever used. Great middleweight performer. I believe I am the 4th owner. I haven’t touched it much since purchasing, but I did get a saya for it. $470

231mm blade length
350mm overall length
237 grams
54mm heel height

Then we have the Two Kemadis;

Kemadi Bulat. Bought new from Kev comes
With saya. This thing is a workhorse. It’s been my go to knife at work, but it’s still in great shape since I haven’t had much knife work to do in the past year.
I’d like to keep the custom handle ideally and can add in the original handle.

Let’s do $475 w/custom handle $425 w/out

302 grams
270mm edge length
52mm heel height

Kemadi 9xc3 stainless clad. Bought new from Kev and haven’t used it much at since I preferred the 270. This is a great workhorse as well and feels nimble even though it’s a thick boy. $350

230mm edge length
51mm heel height

Pictures to come in next post. Feel free to reach out if you have questions or
Need more pics/specs.

Enjoy your birds and if I don’t respond quickly it’s because either my Turkey or child is on fire.


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