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SOLD WTT oder WTS engraved Gyuto

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Jan 8, 2014
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Hi guys,

as i only keep knives that i am using, i would like to give away a very special Gyuto. It's a 210 full custom from Robin Dalman, which has engravings on one side (other side is clean). The engraving made a friend of him (a very good scandinavian engraver). It has a San Mai construction, stainless cladded 1.2562, so the steel combination is super-rare. Height is about 55mm.
The handle is made out of masur birch + reindeer horn.

The beauty of the knife prevents me from using it.


I am looking for Customs of western makers (all types of knives) or Cash, value is in the range of 1200. Would like to keep this in EU first.


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