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    Knives w/ Similar Profile to DT ITK

    Thank you! I was thinking the same thing. Now I know what my next knife will be
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    Sharp enough?

    Thanks everyone! Will be able to take him home this Friday 7 lbs 10 ounces 19 inches
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    Sharp enough?

    Thanks everyone!! We were surprised today. its a boy!! his name is Alexander!!
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    Sharp enough?

    Thanks everyone! Now I have a lot more options to work with :) Ordo- its not her opinion it's her permission lol My wife just stopped working. We're expecting a boy within the next 2-3 weeks!
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    Sharp enough?

    Thanks everyone! tk59 - I have to use that one and see if she bites on making the knife last longer. It was her Christmas gift to me. Her first knife to ever buy for me too. Cadillac J - Good advice, I do get the verbal attacks when she feels my hobby interferes with "her time." Right now I...
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    Sharp enough?

    I have a Kikuichi TKC 240mm. The only stone I have is a Bester 1200 that Dave recommended to me. I just started learning how to sharpen knives this past year. With my stone I can get it sharp enough to go through paper without ripping/tearing and shave hair off of my arm. Is this sharp...
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    Happy Birthday Bill Burke

    Happy Birthday!!!
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    More bragging

    Congrats Hoss!!!
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    Did you guys see that there is a Richmond Remedy in the works? with a profile similar to the TKC?
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    Mastersmith designation question...

    how small is it? Are we talking like 10 people or 50 people? Can you give a list of the top 10 or so? or the top smiths in your opinion Thanks Jon!
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    Home cook's review of Konosuke HD Gyuto 240

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: Thanks for posting the pic Josh :biggrin:
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    Home cook's review of Konosuke HD Gyuto 240

    hey you know the rules. PICTURES!!!!!!!! :P
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    Bob Kramer/henkels

    +1 Thats too steep. I thought it would be less because the Shun ones are damascus and around that price too
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    Dillards chevron gyuto

    Wow Hoss!!!! that is Beautiful!!!
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    New (to me) knife store in the hood

    Thanks for the headsup. I'm going to go check them out