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    SOLD Heiji 180mm Kurouchi Nakiri

    I can’t see the pics for some reason
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    Kurouchi suji - any benefits?

    Are there any practical benefits in a suji with kurouchi finish, compared to a polished / migaki finish? In regard to food sticktion / stickage, food release, etc? I'm looking for a 240 or 270 suji to use on raw and cooked protein, as a pure slicer. One of the options is a Heiji direct. I was...
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    Best blacksmiths for blue #2 heavy workhorses

    Got it, and agree with you. I’ve thinned / polished some Toyamas and Shigs and they all had some minor low spots, usually near the tip and heel.
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    Best blacksmiths for blue #2 heavy workhorses

    I'm curious by the "no low spots" - is the Wakui WH a wide bevel knife, disguised by the sandblasted kasumi finish? I recently got the 210 and 240 and I had the impression they had a fully convex grind, but I might be wrong. Also, the Seiryu you guys mentioned is from JNS? I really liked the...
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    WTS Some carbons knives for sale

    That’s what my 210 Wakui Kaeru looks like… Kato WH on steroids
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    WTS Some carbons knives for sale

    Could you post a choil shot?
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    WTS Cleanin' Out The Closet #4 *Price drop*

    Wat’s specs and profile are on point. I’ve seen some oldschool KU Wat’s with too much belly and/or too thick grind but this looks fantastic.
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    kato KU question

    edited: nevermind, yanyy told it already
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    Watanabe 180mm Nakiri vs Toyama 210mm

    How does the Shig compare to the Wat? I had a Shig and I remember it was a bit wedgy, but it was many years ago so I might be wrong…
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    WTB 165 Nakiri

    Looking for an affordable small prep / wife knife in good shape. Thinking Watoyama, Wakui, Mazaki, Tanuki, Heiji (not sure he makes a 165…). But fairly open to other makers, western as well. Thanks!
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    Watanabe 180mm Nakiri vs Toyama 210mm

    I had a 180 Toyama and recently got a 210. Quite different knives, I would say they are more different than 180 vs 210 gyutos in general. The 180 is a great size for home cooking. Hefty but well balanced and plenty length. Never really though I needed more. Fantastic all-around nakiri. The 210...
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    Show your newest knife buy

    nice weight for a 220! is the balance point closer to the handle?
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    SOLD 240 Kagekiyo ginsan

    I’ll buy that handle :)
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    My favorite color is BLUE!.............A patina thread.

    Man I need one of those... I would post a Wat KU WTB post if I were you - I got offered one or two when I posted my WTB for WH gyutos.
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    Show your newest knife buy