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    WTB Lookin’ for a tall nakiri or CCK 1303

    I have a moritaka cleaver in used condition. Send a PM if interested.
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    WTB Cleaver(s)

    I have a 210 Moritaka cleaver that I just started trying to knock down the shoulders a little. Looks a little beat up at the moment but it cuts like a dream :) PM if you'd like more info/pics Chris
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    SOLD ZKramer carbon 10in

    I bought one for my GF....much better performer than expected Chris
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    Why is the Konosuke Fujiyama more in demand than other Konosukes?

    That bunka looks familiar! How's she treating ya? Chris
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    SOLD shigefusa kitaeji yanagiba 270mm

    Thank god this isn't left handed!
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    KATO yanagiba 270 mm

    That is so nice that I'd learn to cut right handed!
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    Finishing on 1k Chosera custom knife, edge still damn good

    Can't ask for a better answer than that!!
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    One stone to visit Mom by plane to sharpen her knives

    I've gone on vacation bringing only my chosera 1k. Its aggressive enough to use on DULL knives but not so coarse that the edge looks serrated. Just my .02 :) Or a norton 1k/4k....but yuck :P
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    Jnat Care?

    I have dark red cashew and really wish I got a lighter color...lol
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    Konosuke Fujiyama White 2 195mm Mioroshi Deba

    Boy am I glad that wasn't a lefty! Beautiful knife!!! Chris
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    Hattori KD 240 Gyuto

    Thank goodness! I was scrambling for available funds...it would have been worth the tax raping to take it out of my 401k!! Beautiful knife!!
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    stones. on a budget :(

    Let me know what you need, I have a few that are just laying around :)
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    Making Room Sale - Aritsugu, DT, Kato, Marko, Mizuno

    I think its that post-christmas time where wallets need a little time to recover :) If mine didn't take such a holiday beating, I'd take em both!!
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    K&S / KKF Go Live Luck Draw! YOU DON'T WANNA MISS THIS!

    I am in! I'm digging your site!