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    Feed me! Where to go in Portland, ME?

    Haven’t been there in a while, but the “Cajun Scramble” at Bayou Kitchen is my all-time favorite breakfast- crawfish, andouille, jalapenos and cheddar yumminess!
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    If you could only use one type of knife steel for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    For me, it would be Burke 52100 or Hinoura W2. AS far as stainless, I have limited but good experience with AEB-L so understand the comments from fans. SG2 is probably my favorite stainless though.
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    Coffee conundrum

    I’ve owned the Technivorm for about two years now and would give it a strong recommendation. It heats the water quickly to a sufficiently high temperature; it’s easy to keep clean. It brews into a stainless steel container (so no burner to ruin the coffee), and there are no fancy electronic...
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    100 knives to try before you die

    Thanks Carl for compiling the list. The burke in my earlier post was “Bill Burke,” not “Jim” Also, I would second Yoshikane SLD (great cutters and nice blade geometry overall) and would add Bill’s daughter Jessica Burke; though she isn’t a full-time maker right now, her knives are really...
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    100 knives to try before you die

    Any Burke; everyone should use a Burke at least once- magic! I would also add: Rader, Maumasi (nice S grind), Lisch (both David and Andrea) Tsukasa Hinoura, Shigefusa, Ikeda mizu honyaki, and Kumagoro honyaki And since this is a before-one-dies list and not particularly focused on...
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    G'day from sunny Sydney, Australia

    The questionnaire is a great way to go, but independent of that, you should consider the work of a couple of your fellow Australians, Bruce Barnet and Towball Weightman. At this stage, Bruce is a bit more accomplished than Towball, but then his price point reflect that as well. Either way...
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    Mareko Maumasi Blade - Looking for some help/info

    I’ll second Maumasi’s western coke bottle handles- super comfortable, and very beautiful! He has access to some very beautiful woods, but if you have a special piece that means something to you or just a strong preference, why not use it- will just make the knife that much more special. One...
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    Do you have beater knife/s ?

    Right knife for the job but no beaters. Hard squash might get more of a thicker workhorse blade; pineapples are perfect for a Sugimoto #6 or #7 and frozen food never sees a blade- no knife deserves that. The main substitution in my house comes for houseguests – good J-Hinouras, Shigs, Burkes...
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    Need a good hunting knife

    Anton said: ↑ Doesn’t get the use it deserves but the few times I’ve used it is such a joy - the handle to bolster is perfection, fit and grip is amazing Bill Burke in 52100 sharpens like a mother... View attachment 48800 Click to expand... Was Ed Fowler his mentor? Looks just like a knife...
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    Burrfection's New Knives

    I agree that it seems like it will be a reasonable performer, from a quality source at a good enough price; Let’s see how they work once somebody posts a review. Honestly, I think Ricky is all right. As somebody else mentioned, his enthusiasm is admirable, and some of his sharpening videos are...
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    Strange food combo’s

    I must admit, that one doesn’t sound good to me, but then again, I’ve never tried it so who knows?
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    Strange food combo’s

    This thread proves to me that yummy is in the tongue of the beholder. I must confess that some of the combos sound like a game I played with my kids when they were very little- who could think up the worst food combination. It turns out that 3-5 year old minds are particularly skilled at this...
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    Favorite custom by western maker

    I’ve never handled Schwartz-Burt’s work, but you will definitely enjoy the Maumasi- love mine! His S-grind is great with food release.
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    Favorite custom by western maker

    I’ll go with a 8.5’ san-mai Burke gyuto with a 52100 core sandwiched between stainless damascus sides. While any Burke, for me, is a contender, this one just feels perfect in my hand and cuts like, well, a Burke- which is to say, fantastic!
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    Kramer Knife price??

    As others have said, all depends on where. An unknown person/source, not much- but a trusted person like daniel at Epicedge, whatever it cost.