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      hd_snow replied to the thread epoxy advice.
      Another vote for G-flex. I have never had it fail, and I have used it for things that I expected it to. While, I believe it should...
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      hd_snow reacted to Frosty's post in the thread epoxy advice with Like Like.
      I've just about used up my first kit of G/Flex 650 and I can highly recommend it. It's so much better than other similar products you...
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      hd_snow replied to the thread Favorite Fish Spatula?.
      I am happy with the Mercer Hells Handle fish spatula. The GF has a habit of leaving them in the pan and they get melted spots. Having a...
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      I've had a Kuhn Rikon for 15 years or more. It's a side cutter and makes a nice burr free cut. I tend to rinse and repurpose cans and...
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      Hello Everyone, I have been a long time lurker. Figured, it was time to participate. I used to hang-out on Knifeforums years ago...
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