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  1. Tien

    WTB Bob Kramer FC61 and Meiji 8" or 10"

    Looking for some discounted FC61 and Meiji 8" or 10" as new year's gift for my relatives. Please PM if you got any laying around waiting for love.
  2. Tien

    SOLD Kochi 210 with Machi + Shigeki Tanaka 240 Nashiji Blue 2

    Here are choil and spine shots on the Tanaka. I chamfered and smoothed the choil on the Tanaka.
  3. Tien

    SOLD Kochi 210 with Machi + Shigeki Tanaka 240 Nashiji Blue 2

    Hello everyone, I started collecting knives in 2019. Like many others, I have accumulated more knives than I have time to use and the storage for. I'm trying to let go of two knives in this post. JKI Kochi 東風 210mm V2 steel with Machi: $210 shipped CONUS (international undecided) SOLD I...
  4. Tien

    SOLD Munetoshi Kurouchi W#2 240mm Gyuto

    That Mune looks really straight. I have 3 Mune knives and 2 of them were warped like a snake brand new.
  5. Tien

    SOLD Shigefusa kuro santoku.

    100% takes this if I don't already have one.
  6. Tien

    WTS Kato, Tsukasa(sold), Munetoshi

    I have 1 at 158 g, wonder how the 200 g performs? Is this an earlier iteration?
  7. Tien

    SOLD Kippington Honyaki Laser gyuto 230mm in 1095

    225 g for 230 mm sounds more like a workhorse to me.
  8. Tien

    WTS Kato, Tsukasa(sold), Munetoshi

    Do you have the weight measurement on the Munetoshi?
  9. Tien

    240 Kaiju, Blue 2: What’s the Maker’s Cut?

    is it possible to order directly from Tanaka/Myojin?