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  1. D

    Myojin SG2 vs Tetsujin Tanryusen (aka “Metal flow”)

    I’ve got some cash burning a hole in my pocket and noticed Modern cooking has two lovely looking Myojin 210 Gyuto’s on sale: Gyuto 240mm SG2 Series | Myojin Riki Seisakusho | Modern Cooking and Tetsujin Hamono | Gyuto 210mm "Metal Flow" | Modern Cooking. Does anyone have experience with both...
  2. myguidingmoonlight

    SOLD Toyama Iron Clad

    Letting this beauty of a blade go, I haven't been reaching for it much lately, and a knife like this should have a good home. My Stainless Clad Toyama 240 has it beat in everything except that it can't produce the beautiful kasumi and patina of this 210 iron clad. I removed the old JNS handle...