Myojin SG2 vs Tetsujin Tanryusen (aka “Metal flow”)

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Feb 13, 2023
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I’ve got some cash burning a hole in my pocket and noticed Modern cooking has two lovely looking Myojin 210 Gyuto’s on sale: Gyuto 240mm SG2 Series | Myojin Riki Seisakusho | Modern Cooking and Tetsujin Hamono | Gyuto 210mm "Metal Flow" | Modern Cooking. Does anyone have experience with both these knives to help sway me?

A little extra context: this would replace my only 210 Gyuto (a R2 Takamura - my first j-knife!). I mostly use it for quick odd jobs when I don’t want to get the big board out - otherwise I’d use one of my 240’s (Toyama b2, Gehei ZDP, KS). I’m starting to find it a little too thin and prefer wa handles. On the handle front, I can’t seem to fall in love - aesthetically- with the Fredrik Spåre on the metal flow but the handle on the SG2 looks heavy and I’m concerned this might push the balance point quite far back.
Myself I’d go for Riki SG2, but reading your post (replacing Takamura because its too thin), would get the Tetsujin. Thickness between Riki and Takamura is not any significant. Only .6 or .7 mm. While Tetsujin is more than 1 mm difference. Also u should know that both knives are polished and sharpened by Myojin. The first is powder steel and the second is Blue 2 forged by Tetsujin. The first is stainless, second is reactive iron clad, that u will have to wipe it.

Anyways, if u want to stay stainless, go with Riki. I am thinking to get the 180 mm Riki SG2 to fill a vacant spot between 150/165 mm and 210 mm.
I had a Myojin SG2 in a 240. It was a thick boy - the thickest at the edge Myojin I've handled. Reviews from around the same time mentioned knives that had nail flexing edges, so there may be some differences blade to blade. Something to consider.

I had a Kono Tetsujin that I sold new in box only as it seemed too similar to my Kono MMs. When Myojin hits his grinds they are IMO the best, so I think either knife should be a good choice.
I have both and the differences are not significant. I would pick based on steel preference/reactivity. SG2 might be a little thinner at the spine but I think they're in a similar ballpark
IMO difference between SG2 and takamura spine thickness is quite significant. Takamura I would classify as super thin, SG2 thin side of midweight. I would say .7mm at this thickness range is quite significant, basically 40% thicker
Thanks all for the input. The SG2 arrived yesterday! Perfect f&f and amazing grind. balance point is a bit further back than I’d like, probably because of the ebony handle (which looks great). All in all very happy - a really beautiful and well made knife. Now I want a 240 Myojin! 😅