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  1. MSicardCutlery

    WTS MSicardCutlery -Matched Pair of 250mm 52100+Low Carbon Sab-Style Chef Knives W/Purple Heart Handles

    Hello All, Here I have two beauties up for grabs. A matched pair of low carbon san-mai 52100 cored chef knives in my Sab style pattern. Both feature oil finished purple heart handles that exhibit some curly chatoyance, and are topped with richly coloured African Blackwood ferrules. As a special...
  2. MSicardCutlery

    SOLD MSicardCutlery 230mm 52100 Gyuto

    Hello All, The last one, finally 7/7... Blade: 230mmx52mm 52100 (64-65hrc) scotchbrite belt finish Neck: 19mmx17mm Handle: 145mm long, 23mmx25mm tapering to 19mmx22mm, burned oak, oiled and waxed POB: 43mm from the hande Spine: 2.47mm at the neck, 2.39mm at 12.2cm, .68mm 1cm from the...
  3. MSicardCutlery

    WTS 250mm 52100 Sabatier Styled Chef Knife

    Hello All, #4/7 Blade: 250mmx51mm 52100 (64-65hrc) scotchbrite belt finish Neck: 18mmx18mm Handle: 145mm long, 22mmx25mm tapering to 19mmx22mm, burned oak, oiled and waxed POB: 50mm from the hande Spine: 2.62mm at the neck, 2.23mm at 12.2cm, .48mm 1cm from the tip Grind: flat to convex...
  4. Chang

    SOLD 240mm HSC/// Gyuto

    Just slowly picking off some of gayutos because I just have too much rn and I should really start to sell the knives I just don’t really use. And it’s not like I don’t use this guryuto because it sucks, I just have so many that I moreso just forget to use this/slap it into my roll. Anywho, yah...
  5. D

    SOLD Devin Thomas 254mm Gyuto 52100

    Hi Everyone, I’m selling an unused DT 52100 mono steel gyuto I received about 2 months ago directly from DT. I snatched a damascus gyuto right after so I don’t need this one. Geometry on the knife looks great — it has strong distal taper and awesome balance. I would like to get 760 USD...
  6. D

    SOLD Shihan 240 52100 gyuto - dropped

    Hi KKF, I am selling my new Shihan gyuto as I am getting a custom in soon by him. The knife specs are: 241 x 57 mm 228g 52100 Core, stainless clad 3.5mm at heel, goes to 2mm 1cm in front of the tip (and thins out fast after) comes with matching edge guard. The knife itself looks...