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SOLD 240mm HSC/// Gyuto

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Gay for Gyutos
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Jan 24, 2020
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Just slowly picking off some of gayutos because I just have too much rn and I should really start to sell the knives I just don’t really use. And it’s not like I don’t use this guryuto because it sucks, I just have so many that I moreso just forget to use this/slap it into my roll.

Anywho, yah, we all know how good Harbeer’s work is. The Ray Rybar “raindrop” wrought cladding is simply DELECTABLE against the 52100 core. So serene, much sexy, a lot of stupendous. Divine dimensions, phenomenal profile, gorgeous geometry, you really can’t ask for much more (ok, maybe a thicker spine at the handle, but I won’t tell anybody).

I am taking a heavy loss on this. 🥲This baby’s gone thru a spa package from Andrew “Forty” Tarling, himself, and it has a friction fit saya from Greydon. Complete package, so you can do the math… I’m pretty sure I paid $750 for this when I first got it.

I did have to remove the etch on the left side because I let it sit for a minute too long and there was one rust spot that had formed, but, dassssit. No damage from that rust, of course. I’ll stop talking now, let’s get down and dirty with the deets, I know that’s what all y’all want, you whores.


3.2mm at the handle
Wrought Iron Cladding
52100 Core (62-63HRC)
Ironwood Octagonal-ish Handle with Rounded Bottom and Slanted Butt, Ebony Cap
Ironwood Friction Fit Saya

Price: $750 $700 $600 shipped


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