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SOLD Shihan 240 52100 gyuto - dropped

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Jan 12, 2021
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Hong Kong

I am selling my new Shihan gyuto as I am getting a custom in soon by him.

The knife specs are:

241 x 57 mm


52100 Core, stainless clad

3.5mm at heel, goes to 2mm 1cm in front of the tip (and thins out fast after)

comes with matching edge guard.

The knife itself looks spectacular with an etch on the core. As seen in the pics, the grind is nice convex and gets very thin behind the edge.

I paid 650 USD for the knife and would ask 620 dropped to 600
I also pay half of the shipping to wherever you are located.

For pics, see the link below:


Best regards,
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Shihans work is a must have. Don’t sleep on this if you haven’t experienced his work
The knife is still available

Last bump, I'll withdraw the knife mid next week in case no interest arises in BST.
Dan, still available/thinking about selling it or has it been sold/keeping it?
Haha awesome. A bit late/indecisive it seems. Noted birds, although pretty set on a 240, unless it's 2g2bt