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  1. MSicardCutlery

    SOLD MSicard Cutlery 240mm AEB-L Gyuto

    Hello All, A basic AEB-L gyuto with a lovely birdseye maple handle Blade: 239mmx53mm AEB-L (63 hrc) scotchbrite belt finish Neck: 20mmx18mm Handle: 128mm long, birdseye maple + walnut oiled and waxed POB: 45mm from the hande Spine: 2.62mm at the neck, 2.04mm at halfway, .44mm 1cm from...
  2. MSicardCutlery

    WTS MSicard Cutlery 245mm AEB-L Gyuto

    Hello All, A simple gyuto in my sab style profile Blade: 245mmx51mm AEB-L (63 hrc) scotchbrite belt finish Neck: 20mmx19mm Handle: 136mm long, curly maple oiled and waxed POB: 50mm from the hande Spine: 2.45mm at the neck, 2.28mm at halfway, .46mm 1cm from the tip Grind: flat to...
  3. KasumiJLA

    SOLD MSicardCutlery x JLA - Santoku, AEB-L, Migaki, 170mm, 64HRC, Custom handle

    Here is the latest collaboration with my Canadian colleague Matt Sicard! The blade I ordered Matt 6 Santoku and I wanted a stainless steel capable of giving it in the kitchen in terms of performance and we agreed to choose AEB-L. Matt really like to make laser grind and believe me this one is...
  4. rgar4012

    Petty Shootout

    Edit to clarify: The prices listed in the headings are the price I paid and a stat I consider useful (might try to go back and add purchase dates if I can sort that out). I will be selling some of these knives later, and will probably link back to my thoughts here, but this is not a for-sale...
  5. MSicardCutlery

    SOLD 230mm AEB-L Sabatier Styled Chef Knife

    Hello All, Here's number 2/7 for this lot. The second and only other stainless blade of the bunch. The rest are carbons Blade: 230mmx50 AEB-L (63hrc) scotchbrite belt finish Neck: 17mmx18mm Handle: 145mm long, 21mmx25mm tapering to 18mmx21mm, burned oak, oiled and waxed POB: 38mm from the...
  6. PostLimón

    SOLD WTS Majime Limited Edition Ko-gyuto - First Run

    Bought the majime limited edition ko-gyuto from the first run. Used it a few times, has excellent food release due to the unique feather grind. Has seen some home use, but ultimately doesnt get much use in my current lineup. It is AEB-L Stainless with a G10 Wa Handle and Copper Bolster. link for...
  7. MSicardCutlery

    WTS 247mm AEB-L Gyuto w/k-tip

    Here's a solid one. While not a true kiritsuke I did put a k-tip on it, mostly just for the sake of experimentation. It's heavy, and thick, but still cuts very easily owing to a very thin edge that tapers from approximately .1mm at the heel, to zero at halfway and remaining so to the tip...