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  1. MSicardCutlery

    SOLD MSicard Cutlery 220mm X 110mm 52100 Cleaver Semi-Custom

    Hello All, Here's a rare one. I mistakenly cut this knife for a hidden tang, when the customer wanted a full tang. As a result, I now have a spare cleaver to offer. As of yet uncut/unset neck length and so on. Buyer's choice of handle. Not much taper at the spine, the weight reflects that. It...
  2. J

    High-end Vegetable Cleaver in the 200-210mm range?

    I have a Gesshin Ginga #6 Cleaver in Swedish steel which I absolutely love in terms of cutting, but which I find just a bit too big and cumbersome for daily tasks. I have a few other vegetable cleavers / nakiris, ranging from 180-210, and generally I prefer things in the ~200mm range in terms of...
  3. Chasingsharpness

    Withdrawn Used CCK 1303

    Edit: was withdrawal but relisting. Hey guys, selling a few bits from the collection to free up some funds and buy more stuff. Maybe something for someone looking to try cleavers but isn't too concerned about scratches or cosmetics. CCK 1303 (approx 210x90mm, 255g)- Originally purchased for...
  4. 1

    Where to buy a sheath for my chinese cleaver?

    tried all the ones on amazon and not one of them fit. edge length is about 216 mm, height is 105 mm.