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  1. Racheski

    WTB Meglio Knives 8'' MagnaCut Satin Offset Fillet

    Sold out on Meglio website; it is a longshot but maybe a KKF member has one for sale. Link to knife: 8 in Magnacut Satin Offset Fillet
  2. 1

    Thoughts on Global knives?

    i was looking at this flexible fillet knife by Global and wanted to ask about what everyone thinks about global knives. Says it uses its signature CROMOVA 18 steel while this one is flexible.
  3. 1

    Which fillet knife should I buy? 3 options

    hello, looking to pick up a flexible fillet knife for fish and narrowed it down to these 3. 1.) Burgvogel (messermeister) oliva elite flexible fillet knife, 18cm. Pros: made in Solingen, beautiful handle. Steel: X50CrMoV15 2.) Shun Classic 7 inch flexible fillet knife. Steel: AUS8A 3.)...