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  1. k4mino

    WTS Ohira Uchigomori Hato. ***FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE***

    Selling this Beautiful Ohira Uchigomori Hato. Leaving a even and typical cloudy finish, that brings out a good contrast. It’s a stone of medium hardness with around 3.0-3.5 and a fineness around 4. Nice to use on knives with bigger bevel or tricky Shinogi lines and will remove all visiable...
  2. k4mino

    SOLD Ohira Suita Renge Suminagashi

    Selling this Ohira Suita Renge Suminagashi because I bought a bigger one with similar characteristics. I bought this Stone from Satoshi Kanomata known for his shop https://whetstone.shopselect.net/ It’s slightly harder than medium and is recommended as a finisher but also has nice polishing...
  3. k4mino

    SOLD Uchigomori Hato

    Im selling this Uchigomori I directly bought from Namikawa in Japan. It is a final stone of the groundwork. The Stone is softer than medium. Uchigumori can make the Ha white and bring out the Ji. At this stage the Hamon should become clearly visible. There is no artificial substitute stone...
  4. k4mino

    SOLD Nakayama Kiita Suita **Price Drop**

    Hey, Im Selling my Nakayama Kiita Suita just because I bought a new bigger one. 181x70x22mm 660g Hardness 4.5 Can be used as final finisher or for polishing. Leaves a shiny finish with good contrast. Pretty fast and fine Stone There is still a number stamp on the backside but it’s almost faded...
  5. Censere

    WTS Okudo, Ohira Uchi, Shoubu, Maruo, Hideri

    Update: Major price decrease Selling some repeats. All performers, mostly hand picked in Japan. Some rarer stuff, but all affordable. Mostly in the condition that I bought them in, except a few demo runs & uses on the back side of the Maruo Mostly priced at a good discount or at my purchase...
  6. thnaing

    SOLD Takashima Karasu

    This is a catch and release for me, originally bought from @AtelierTennenToishi. This is a full-sized Takashima Karasu, fairly hard stone, a perfect beginner stone for a razor imo. I am only selling because I got a similar Kiita stone that takes up its spot in my progression. Dimensions: 220...
  7. KasumiJLA

    Finger stones - What is your favourite beside uchigumori?

    Hi all 👋 New here but don't worry, I've been looking at KKF for a long time. I just didn't have the strength to join another community, but here I am and can't wait to share and discuss with all of you! My native language is French so I try my best to be the more accurate and make as few...
  8. DHunter86

    SOLD Large Semi-soft Honyama Kiita Tomae

    Clearing out some space for some new acquisitions. Large full-sized semi-soft Honyama Kiita Tomae for sale. Exact mine is unknown. Can be used for sharpening most kitchen knives, tools and for final polishing of wide bevel knives to result in a bright kasumi finish. Easy to achieve an even...
  9. DHunter86

    SOLD Moderately sized Aizu Byakkoto

    For your consideration, an Aizuto on the slightly harder side of things. Vintage piece from an old store. Dimensions: 210 x 67 x 31mm Weight: 1040 g Asking: 175 USD + shipping Great for edges, alright for intermediate polishing. Best used without diamond slurry for a finer polish, but...
  10. Miyamoto Musashi

    Natural stone polishing on semi-stainless steels?

    Has anyone here ever taken SKD or any other semi-stainless steels through a polishing progression? Was it a pain? Would be curious to hear other peoples’ experiences!