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  1. DHunter86

    WTS Large Semi-soft Honyama Kiita Tomae

    Clearing out some space for some new acquisitions. Large full-sized semi-soft Honyama Kiita Tomae for sale. Exact mine is unknown. Can be used for sharpening most kitchen knives, tools and for final polishing of wide bevel knives to result in a bright kasumi finish. Easy to achieve an even...
  2. DHunter86

    SOLD Moderately sized Aizu Byakkoto

    For your consideration, an Aizuto on the slightly harder side of things. Vintage piece from an old store. Dimensions: 210 x 67 x 31mm Weight: 1040 g Asking: 175 USD + shipping Great for edges, alright for intermediate polishing. Best used without diamond slurry for a finer polish, but...
  3. E

    Natural stone polishing on semi-stainless steels?

    Has anyone here ever taken SKD or any other semi-stainless steels through a polishing progression? Was it a pain? Would be curious to hear other peoples’ experiences!