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  1. J

    Withdrawn Kawachi Kasumi or Mazaki 180mm Petty

    Hi everyone! Would love to buy a Kawachi W2 or a Mazaki W2 kasumi 180mm petty, and happy to buy used. Please reach out if you have one that you’d like to sell! Edit: added Mazaki as an option. Same size and steel.
  2. J

    Withdrawn Tetsujin Nakiri or Santoku

    Hi everyone, this time I am after a smaller Tetsujin, either a Nakiri or Santoku with kasumi finish. Looking for a friend. Strong preference for BNIB and not fussed about the handle. Not looking to spend an arm and a leg, as these are widely available. Prefer somewhere that can ship to...
  3. auros105

    SOLD [Price Drop] Tetsujin Blue 2 Kasumi 180mm Santoku

    Some stuff went down with purchases over at K&S Australia so now I'm left with this knife. I'm a fan of stainless knives so I'm going to sell this knife for what's it worth. Totally BNIB never cut anything but I changed the handle to this triple ringed black handle. Asking for 300 AUD +...
  4. C

    SOLD Tanaka yohei blue1 - 240mm

    Hello. Since i never use this im putting it up for sale. Hitohira tanaka yohei 240mm blue 1 kasumi. 50 mm heelheight and 189 grams Its VERY lightly used and never been sharpened. I bought it from new and only used it a couple of times. NOTICE! Its has a very small stain close to the tip...
  5. D

    SOLD Shigefusa Kasumi 240mm Gyuto

    Hi KKF, I shall continue yesterday's sales -- first up is a BNIB Shigefusa Kasumi 240mm Gyuto. I received this knife last year as a trade When taking more pics tonight I found that there are some very fine lines in the front 5cm of the knife on the left side which I tried to capture. They...
  6. B

    WTB Shigefusa Gyuto

    Hey guys, how are you? Really want to buy a Shige gyuto, Kitaeji or Kasumi! Thanks, Bruno
  7. Y

    WTS *Price Drop* BNIB Shigefusa Knives (Continued)

    Hi Everyone! Doing some spring cleaning for the start of 2023 and continued funding of my other project, prices below include Paypal fees + Standard International Shipping (Tracked) via Singpost All knives below are BNIB and unused, and comes with just the original paper box (aside from the...