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  1. D

    Thinning kurouchi edge knives

    I really like the look of kurouchi finish along the edge, I'm thinking of Tetsujin Tanryusen's in particular (probably my favourite looking, and by all accounts, great knifes). I'm just concerned that the first time I need to thin the knife it's going to remove all the kurouchi finish and spoil...
  2. J

    Jiro usage questions

    Hi I just received my first (and maybe last) Jiro I will ever get based upon the rarity. But I’m a professional cook, highly trained, lover and care taker of all things knives, spoons, tools you name it. With my Jiro being BNIB (240mm WA) I noticed that the acidic ingredients (as basic as red...
  3. Miyamoto Musashi

    Rust on Kuroichi?

    Hi all, I’ve noticed some brown spots on the Kuroichi finish of my Hisamoto. I don’t believe they were there before. When wiping the spot, there is no brown residue that comes off (which is characteristic of light rust). Can anyone identify whether this is rust? If not, then what is it? Is it...
  4. cantdecidewhichone

    Review: Masakage Koishi Bunka 170mm with Aogami Super

    I'm a casual home cook, mostly Korean, Italian, Argentinian, and American food. Had a Tojiro DP set that needed updating. Got the Japanese knife itch and can't seem to stop researching. Masakage Koishi AS Bunka 170mm Purchased over: Nigara SG2 Kurouchi Tsuchime 180mm, Makoto Kurosaki SG2...