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    WTS SABOL BROTHERS 150 mm Japanese style Petty made of Böhler N690 and Yew burl octagonal handle with white reconstituted stone insert

    Hey friends, Check out our new 150 mm Petty! Crafted from Bohler N690 stainless steel, this knife is a game-changer for those precision cutting tasks in the kitchen. Here’s the scoop: 150 mm Petty: Perfect for those detailed cutting jobs, whether you're a pro or just love cooking at home...
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    Help me design my first knife

    My wife is buying me my first nice knife. I've had the same Victorinox 8"chef knife for the past 12 years. I spent the past week learning a ton about Japanese knife types, grinds, steels, how to use and care for them, etc. I really want something with a bog oak handle. In my search I stumbled...