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  1. S

    SOLD Tetsujin Metal Flow and Nigara Rainbow Damascus x Myojin

    Both knives BNIB Removing a few knives from my collection to accommodate my venture into western makers. So if on the chance, someone would have liked to trade me their Nine, Kipp or Yanick for these, my dms are open to talk. I also got too many Myojin sharpened knives. First up, Tetsujin...
  2. Racheski

    Nigara Hamono R2/SG2 Migaki Gyuto Questions

    I'm starting the search for a new 240mm Gyuto, and I love the aesthetics of the Nigara Sg2 Gyuto with a matte finish. Can anyone speak to real world use of these knives, or another similar Nigara? The measurements point to "Laserish" performance, but not quite a middleweight? What is the grind...
  3. D

    WTS WITHDRAWN. UK, Nigara ktip Gyoto in R2, BNIB

    Sale withdrawn, knife no longer available. Thanks folks. Selling this beautiful Nigara ktip Gyoto. Stainless clad with R2 core and rosewood handle. Very thin knife that will perform like a laser. This is BNIB, I have not cooked with it, just cut some paper to test OOTB sharpness. £285 new...
  4. PXL_20220125_101630176.jpg


    Nigara ktip Gyoto in Rw