Nigara Hamono R2/SG2 Migaki Gyuto Questions

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Dec 17, 2020
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I'm starting the search for a new 240mm Gyuto, and I love the aesthetics of the Nigara Sg2 Gyuto with a matte finish. Can anyone speak to real world use of these knives, or another similar Nigara? The measurements point to "Laserish" performance, but not quite a middleweight? What is the grind like? Are they decent for rocking? Would really appreciate any info!
I snagged the 240 kiritsuke version from this line on BST a couple months ago and it’s an awesome knife. The aesthetics are even better IRL than in photos and it blasts through any veg.

The spine isn’t super thin so the knife definitely has some weight, which I’ve found helpful for control on denser items like potato and not fatiguing in a home setting. At the edge it’s very thin and precise…I’ve been slicing small radishes thin enough to almost see through. I can get away with more rocking than some purely flat kiritsukes but wouldn’t recommend it if that’s your primary cutting style (but the gyuto profile might be different from mine).

I reach for this knife consistently for the performance and the convenience of sg2, and the unique look is an added bonus on top.


hollow grind
I have a KU sg2 240 Ktip and dig it. The grind is kind of like a takefu kurosaki (Yu and Makoto) almost flexing edge, Hollow with a hint of shinogi edge(by feel). For about 5mm bte it’s like nothing. Mine is a Ktip isn’t a good rocker- low tip and flat profile (check the normal gyuto tho). It’s a very attractive high performance knife. It’s laserish with a bit more to it. It’s nice that it’s stiff enough there’s no flex.