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  1. Se1ryu

    SOLD PRICE DROP! Nigara SG2 Kurouchi Kiritsuke Gyuto 240mm (Aus)

    Selling Nigara Hamono SG2 Kurouchi Kiritsuke Gyuto 240mm with teak & buffalo horn ferrule. Bought it from Shinsei a trusted knives store in Jakarta. Retail price convert to AUD around $500 AUD and I'm selling it for $485 AUD/ $330 USD $465 $455 $435 $370 AUD including PayPal G&S fees and free...
  2. cwk.v

    SOLD Yu Kurosaki Knives (Gyutos + Santoku)

    Trying to thin out my Yu Kurosaki collection to clear space for some new knives! - Yu Kurosaki Shizuku SG2 240mm Gyuto - SOLD -- Like new, used to prep one meal before deciding I didn't need it. Bought from District Cutlery - $350 - Yu Kurosaki Cobalt Special Raijin santoku 165mm - Turquoise...
  3. Racheski

    R2/SG2 vs SRS13

    I recently learned about the existence of SRS13, a stainless HSPS developed by Nachi-Fujikoshi. On paper, it can be heat treated to HRCs above what is typically found on R2 knives, and I have read claims it is less likely to chip compared to R2 (not sure how it can be tougher than R2 at a...
  4. 1

    WTS Miyabi Mizu SG2 Gyuto

    Selling my Miyagi sg2 gyuto.. about 8 inch. Has the cool hammered finish that I like. Used it maybe 10-15 times, just have too many now and want to downsize. Great knife. Asking 100$ plus shipping from Oregon
  5. Racheski

    Nigara Hamono R2/SG2 Migaki Gyuto Questions

    I'm starting the search for a new 240mm Gyuto, and I love the aesthetics of the Nigara Sg2 Gyuto with a matte finish. Can anyone speak to real world use of these knives, or another similar Nigara? The measurements point to "Laserish" performance, but not quite a middleweight? What is the grind...
  6. josemartinlopez

    Favorite stainless laser? (I'm really liking the Takada Ginsan Suiboku and Raicho No Ren R2)

    Can I ask what people's favorite stainless lasers are again? I'm a home cook and enjoy a lighter knife and simple vegetable work, so I enjoy stainless lasers. So @akafat got me all excited about the Takada No Hamono Suiboku Ginsan that I pinged Syoukon Hamono to grab one to try out. When a...