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  1. K

    Suisin HC vs Sakai Kikumori Nihonko Carbon Gyuto

    Good day I am looking for a new Western Handle Gyuto in 240mm. I already have a Takamura R2 210mm . I can’t really find many knives with the J shape western handles that I like, without it being extremely expensive. My budget max is $250. I have been eyeing out these two contenders, the...
  2. Wagnum

    Questions about sakimaru

    I've been seeing sakimaru shapes alot lately (tall like a gyuto and long like a yanagi) and I'm just wondering what the purpose of the shape is. The sudden upsweep at the tip with the drastic angle in the edge profile looks like it would be a p.i.t.a to sharpen on top of dulling easily. Is this...
  3. 1

    types of japanese steel in laymans terms?

    so everytime i search for "differences between japanese steels" its just an article that talks about how each steel has a different amount of tungsten than the other, or another chemical difference. It does not say "this steel is hardest to sharpen" or "this steel can hold its edge the longest"...