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  1. False_Cast

    Withdrawn Wd

  2. Bobby24

    SOLD Kiya Shigefusa Kitaeji 240 gyuto nib

    Hi, up for sale is a brand new Kiya Shigefusa Kitaeji 240mm gyuto with kiri box. measurements from heel to tip 246, hight is 50 Asking 2400usd
  3. Bobby24

    WTS Shigefusa 270 Kasumi Gyuto bnib

    Up for sale is a new Shigefusa 270 Kasumi, Measurements 268 x 52, 250g, blue box. $1650usd shipping to Canada & us included other locations may be extra
  4. D

    SOLD Shigefusa Kasumi 240mm Gyuto

    Hi KKF, I shall continue yesterday's sales -- first up is a BNIB Shigefusa Kasumi 240mm Gyuto. I received this knife last year as a trade When taking more pics tonight I found that there are some very fine lines in the front 5cm of the knife on the left side which I tried to capture. They...
  5. B

    WTB Shigefusa Gyuto

    Hey guys, how are you? Really want to buy a Shige gyuto, Kitaeji or Kasumi! Thanks, Bruno
  6. Y

    WTS *Price Drop* BNIB Shigefusa Knives (Continued)

    Hi Everyone! Doing some spring cleaning for the start of 2023 and continued funding of my other project, prices below include Paypal fees + Standard International Shipping (Tracked) via Singpost All knives below are BNIB and unused, and comes with just the original paper box (aside from the...
  7. Apocalypse

    WTS WTS Shigs, Kato and more (Price drop on a few)

    Just finished my degree and need funds for a new home. NOS 240 Kiyoshi Kato W2 Morihei - $2550 (obo) 210 Shigefusa Kitaeji gyuto - $2000 300 Shigefusa Kitaeji Yanagiba - $2000 (obo) 240 Blue/White Damascus Shoichi Hashimoto - $1600 (sold) Can add more pics if desired
  8. Apocalypse

    WTB Stone recommendations

    So now that I finally have a couple of my end game knives and am working on the last two, I was wondering if I could get a couple stone recommendations. In particular I want a solid home setup in order to really take care of my kitaeji. As such, what are some of your favorite recommendations...
  9. David M

    Withdrawn Shigefusa Kurouchi 165mm Wa Nakiri - Withdrawn

    Lightly used Shig KU Nakiri. The WU finish has some scuffing from the block. Light patina. Never sharpened. US$350 shipped to continental US.