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  1. M

    WTS WTS Kono Fuji Damascus 210mm, Konosuke FT 240mm, Kagekiyo 240mm, Ikeda 180mm Suminagashi

    Hello Guys! Have a few more knives to put up for sale, just trying to clear some space and pay some bills while this Pandemic continues. The following knives have different levels of usage and will be priced accordingly. Looking to let them go for a little less than what I got them for. That...
  2. Christian Trajkovski

    Damasteel Nakiri

    Checking to see if there is any interest in an Damasteel Nakiri. Blade in stainless Damasteel, handle in stabilized Ambonya with bronze pins. Se pictures for dimensions, hardness is 62 HRC First a couple of ”beauty” shots Spine thickness at handle Spine thickness at front Edge...