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WTS Raquin 240

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Feb 9, 2020
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Hey guys,
I'm gonna sell a Raquin.
"More classic than KT" via Bryan
145sc and xc10 cladding
weight is 204g
Raquin left 1.jpg

Raquin right 1.jpg

Raquin Choil 1.jpg


The KU has some blue and reddish colors.
"It is the clay I use for quench . Sometimes it left some
If you dont like it: You can oil it , or slightly rub it with steel wool very fine
via Bryan
I kept it since it wasn't a problem and I liked it.

Asking price $755 shipped
Might not answer straight away, sorry, but will get to you as soon as possible. Right now I pretty much either work or am asleep.
Got any more questions, just ask.
Prob the OP has received 20 PMs, but has not read any of them yet.
I read some of them but then bed was calling. :angiefavorite:
There has been some interest but it's not officially sold yet.
Looks like it will be sold, if not I will update. Thank you guys fro reaching out

Additional info: Sold from Germany, usually takes 1-2 weeks to the US
Money would be sent to Dan Bidinger for a custom knife for me
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