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  1. J

    WTB Yanick >240mm

    Looking to buy a Yanick gyuto, preferably BnIB and >240mm x 56mm. Would certainly consider one that has been lightly used. I’m open to any profile, including the one with a flatter profile. Please feel free to DM me if you have one that you’d like to sell or trade. I know that I’m pretty far...
  2. PasDeChance

    Moritaka Santoku ID

    Hi :D Here's a old santoku blade from Moritaka that I've bought in a set of vintage knives I wanted to know if someone could tell me something about it ? Steel, when it could have been forged ? Thanks :)
  3. Dan Davis

    Breswick or Bresduck brand mean anything?

    Hi all - thx for all the views in the What's Cooking gallery. Anyone have info on knives that read Breswick or Bresduck on the logo? Sounds ridiculous but not come up on searches and labels but not sure if the engraving rubbed off and they look similar. Often they are claiming to be types of...
  4. Dan Davis

    Wondering about this Knife?

    How can you tell if this or any other is a "K Sabatier"? What are the telltale signs and is the authentic types of marking? Thanks again!