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  1. J

    SOLD Wa Fujiwara Maboroshi Bunka 165mm

    This one is for the TF cultists and enthusiasts … or anyone who loves high quality, low maintenance W1 knives (with character)! Comes with a unique and tasteful handle that is a riff in the standard wa handle but with much more elegance and interest (in my opinion). Purchased this easily (it...
  2. 1

    WTS Gesshin Uraku 300mm Yanagiba White #2

    Hello everyone, Bought this yanagiba from Japanese Knife Imports recently, used a few times, and decided that it was simply too long for my needs. In fact I just placed an order for a smaller sized one from them, same exact brand, because I really like this knife. 300mm, white #2 steel. JKI...
  3. 1

    300mm yanagiba recommendations?

    Looking to buy a yanagi in 30cm length. I am an avid pescetarian and slice fish a lot. But I also have a part time weekend job as sushi chef. Looking for white steel. I was about to go with the tojiro white 2 30cm yanagi but then I started reading all this stuff about it not being flat and...
  4. 1

    270mm or 300mm yanagiba?

    Been a sushi chef for a little while and want a yanagi. Question is length. The 270mm will be easier to control and sharpen, and keep straight, however.. I've heard people swear by the extra 300mm length saying they end up using the full thing... Cons: Harder to keep straight, and sharpening...
  5. Perverockstar

    Kama Usuba options.

    Hello there. I'm gonna need a Kama Usuba soon. I already have experience with single beveled knives, katsuramagi, tsuma and other sushi bar tasks beside fish. Most of the time is gonna be hands on work, but I'll still use it on a cutting board for fine slicing veggies and herbs. For size I...