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SOLD $135 tojiro R2 pro (not DP)

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Dec 20, 2020
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Los angeles
Very light home use, this about as cheap as R2/SG2 gets. Also, I understand that tojiro is stopping their use of R2/SG2 due to difficulties with sourcing.

215x45, 194g

$135 CONUS

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I bought this knife last night from other member. Lol back to back?
I bought this knife last night from other member. Lol back to back?

Yes I was inspired to sell mine based on that earlier sale

Glad both of these transactions worked out. It really is a bit of a sleeper knife that doesn't get enough attention. Like @Hauscarl said, you'd be hard pressed to get that steel (and grind) for the price anywhere else. Takamura r2 was a good option back in the day but they have become more expensive and really difficult to find.
Still looking for chromax for myself.
That tojiro is for my coworker @chiffonodd.
At first told him to buy harukaze, untill i saw ur post lol

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