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WTB 270mm gyuto

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Dec 28, 2020
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I am looking for a wa handled 270mm gyuto. Let me know if you have one that you want to get rid of. Thanks!
Do you have a budget that you need to adhere to?
I don’t really have a budget in mind. So far, I have looked at 270mm gyutos from $140 to $415 at several retailers, and I just wanted to get more options from this post before I made a decision. Let me know what you have at any price, and I’ll let you know if I am interested/can afford what you have. Thanks!
This is a 270x54x1.8 Masamoto.
Its 260g.
Mono Swedish,
Thank you for posting this! Unfortunately, I don’t think that I am interest in this knife right now because of its western handle. I also forgot to mention that I am mostly interested in san mai knives. Thank you and good luck selling your knife!
I am located in Washington State in the US.