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SOLD 3 knife bundle - dropped to $190?

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Dec 4, 2022
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Posted these before without much traction so gonna try again. Would like to sell all 3 together to avoid extra shipping costs.

These are 3 of the first knives I bought when I got into the hobby, and could be a great gift set for someone.

All 3 knives have been used very minimally and never sharpened or stopped at home. They all received the in house sharpening service by @TokushuKnife

210x48mm White 2 Tokushu knife Gyuto
Tokushu Knife Rosewood Series White #2 Kurouchi 210mm Japanese Gyuto Knife

165x49 White 2 Tokushu knife Nakiri
Tokushu Knife 165mm Nakiri White #2 Kurochi Rosewood wa handle

135x29 Tsunehisa AS Petty

Tsunehisa AS Kurochi Tsuchime 135mm Petty Morado Wa Handle

Photos were taken today and show current condition.

New these are ~$320 so I’ll let them all go together for $225 $210 $200 shipped CONUS.
-possibly open a trade for a single knife but prefer cash, need the money and the room

Let me know if you have any questions! Could have these mailed out by tomorrow or Tuesday the latest.
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